Fat Loss: You can’t target your belly or any other spot on your body

Six Pack AbsYou want six pack abs and want to target your belly fat to make this happen.  So you do crunches and sit ups everyday expecting your six pack to pop out.  After a month you realize that nothing has changed to your stomach.  It looks just as flabby as it did 30 days ago.  How can this happen?  Every TV ad selling an Ab Roller or work out machine swears that you can get six pack abs using their system.  Disappointed you give up on your fitness goals and go back to playing World of Warcraft.

Sounds familiar right?  Lesson learned, you can’t spot reduce fat on your belly or any other location on your body.  Why?  When you burn calories doing crunches your body isn’t going to just pull energy from your fat cells in your belly, it pulls it from all over you body.  You may have a nice six pack under the fat but without proper diet and exercise no one will ever see it.  Typically you need to have between a 10% to 12% body fat to see your ab muscles, (This can vary by individual).  To get there you will need a proper diet and exercise routine to bring your body fat percentage down.

Don’t Stop Crunches and Sit-ups

I am not saying that you should never do crunches or sit-ups, far from it.  You can eat at a deficit and do cardio everyday and never see your ab muscles.  Why?  If you have hardly any ab muscle built then it’s going to be hard to ever see them, even at a low body fat percentage.

By lowering your calorie intake and strength training you can burn fat and build some muscle.  If you just drop the body fat you will look sick and anorexic.  Getting some muscle built up can make you look jacked at a low body fat.  I’m not even talking body builder big here, muscle gains anyone can obtain with some hard work in a reasonable amount of time.

It’s Tough

The bad news is that the belly is the last place most people lose fat.  It’s the first place to store fat and the last place to burn it.  It can become very frustrating, especially if you have dropped your body fat significantly only to still have some belly fat lingering on you.  Burning that last little bit of flab can be the hardest fitness goal for anyone to achieve.

Make a promise to yourself; don’t buy any fitness products off TV.  They are all wastes of money, from fitness machines to fat burning pills.  You can achieve your goals by hitting the gym or doing body-weight exercises at home.  No need to buy some over hyped product that will just leave you frustrated. There is no magic pill or one weird tip that’s going to make it happen.  The only way is through hard work and dedication.