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This 60 year old man is ripped because he got off his ass, no excuses

A 60 year old man is in better shape than most guys in their 20s. A lot of people are always looking for a shortcut to losing weight, building muscle, and looking great.  They try numerous pills and dumb fads to try to reach their goals.  What happens?  They keep failing, over and over again.

Build Big Arms with 21s

Big arms are the immediate sign of a strong man and women love to wrap their hands around a guy’s big arms.  Let’s be honest, it’s a major turn on.  A lot of guys struggle with how to build big arms, even for guys who up the volume they only see minimal results. I have

Strength Training: Get Strong and Build Muscle

Why do you need strength? Strength can help in day to day activities or help you reach that next level if you are an athlete.  Think about activities that involve strength: hiking climbing basketball football hockey self defense Heck, you need strength to organize your house, garage, or to build that retaining wall in your

Light Headed or Dizzy after Squats and Deadlifts

Most people experience this reaction after performing a set of deadlifts or squats at some point during weight training.  Blurred vision, light headedness, seeing spots, blackouts, vomit, and visions of hot women are common occurrences after heavy compound lifts.  You may be worried that you may pass out and you rightly should be.  No one