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This 60 year old man is ripped because he got off his ass, no excuses

A 60 year old man is in better shape than most guys in their 20s. A lot of people are always looking for a shortcut to losing weight, building muscle, and looking great.  They try numerous pills and dumb fads to try to reach their goals.  What happens?  They keep failing, over and over again.

Build Big Arms with 21s

Big arms are the immediate sign of a strong man and women love to wrap their hands around a guy’s big arms.  Let’s be honest, it’s a major turn on.  A lot of guys struggle with how to build big arms, even for guys who up the volume they only see minimal results. I have

Testosterone Boosters 101

What is a Testosterone Booster? Testosterone is what makes men, well men.  It gives us the power to build muscle and the aggression to be competitive. Testosterone has many other benefits as it can keep you in a good mood, deter depression, make you a stallion in bed and provide overall well being. Men begin

Strength Training: Get Strong and Build Muscle

Why do you need strength? Strength can help in day to day activities or help you reach that next level if you are an athlete.  Think about activities that involve strength: hiking climbing basketball football hockey self defense Heck, you need strength to organize your house, garage, or to build that retaining wall in your

GOMAD: Gallon Of Milk A Day – How to Gain 15 to 30lbs in 30 days.

Hard gainers struggle with getting enough calories by normal means.  Typically this can be fixed by eating more meals but for some it can be very difficult to put that many calories down in a day eating normal food.  Hell you might even throw up eating over 4000 calories when you have been used to

Fat Loss: You can’t target your belly or any other spot on your body

You want six pack abs and want to target your belly fat to make this happen.  So you do crunches and sit ups everyday expecting your six pack to pop out.  After a month you realize that nothing has changed to your stomach.  It looks just as flabby as it did 30 days ago.  How