This 60 year old man is ripped because he got off his ass, no excuses

A 60 year old man is in better shape than most guys in their 20s.

A lot of people are always looking for a shortcut to losing weight, building muscle, and looking great.  They try numerous pills and dumb fads to try to reach their goals.  What happens?  They keep failing, over and over again. Blowing money on stupid shit that doesn’t matter.

What people lack is motivation and dedication to reach their fitness goals.  Yes, getting in shape can be hard but the first thing you must accept is there is no shortcut or easy way to get the body you want.  It’s going to take hard work and dedication to get there.  This means you have to GET OFF YOUR ASS and quit the FUCKAROUNDITIS.

To prove this I want you to watch this video of a 60 year old man, Herbie Bowen, who has worked out five days a week for a long time.

This man busts his ass by doing 700 push ups and 10 sets of dips and pull ups five times a week. That’s dedication. This guy wanted to be healthy and have a good looking body so he worked his ass off to get it and maintain it.  This may be an older video but it shows that anyone can get into shape and look good no matter your age.

What’s great about this 60 year old man is that he goes to a playground to work out.  No gym membership required. If you wanted to get in shape like this guy all you would need is a couple chairs or benches for dips and a pull-up bar. This can be done at home or at a playground like this man does on the cheap. All it takes is time and dedication. Diet is another area that needs to be addressed to sculpt a great body.  You’ve probably heard the term “abs are made in the kitchen,” well it’s true.  You will need to cut your calorie intake and make sure you are taking in enough protein to build muscle from your workouts.

Anyone can do this, what’s your excuse?