My Strength Guide: Build Muscle, Burn Fat, and Gain Strength

My Strength GuideWelcome to My Strength Guide, home to proven workouts and nutrition to help build strength, muscle, and burn fat. If you are tried of all the bro-science and misinformation out there then you have come to the right place. We examine scientific research to find facts and eliminate bro-science.

How often have you read the muscle or fitness magazines only to find fitness plans that make empty promises. They are well known to spread myths of spot fat burning or “Six Weeks to Six Pack Abs”. We sift through the myths of the fitness and health world to show the facts of effective weight loss, muscle building, and strength gains.

Our Goal is to give people the right information that will allow them to take control of their health, have a body they can be proud of, and live a long and disease free life.

The problem for most people is that when they go to the gym they are unsure of what to do, what workouts to perform and what type of diet they should have. They end up attempting to lose weight and build muscle but get discouraged soon after seeing no results.  This site will help those who want to attain their goals and show them the correct way to lose fat, build strength, and look good naked.

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